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FreeTube is a YouTube client for watching videos while enjoying privacy and which also offers the option to download its content in different formats


A YouTube client that offers privacy and video downloads

March 31, 2022
7 / 10

There are no Google services that don't track user activity to extract as much data as possible. YouTube is no exception, but it is possible to enjoy the video portal while hiding our activity on it from the company. All we need is FreeTube, a client for watching and downloading videos. This is its version for Windows, but it also offers the option on other platforms like Mac and Linux.

More than a private YouTube: download videos and get rid of ads

The main feature of this client is that it offers user anonymity by storing activity data locally and not sending it to Google. All this is thanks to Invidious API, from where it has been developed and which makes it one of the best ways to enjoy the online video site without putting our privacy at risk.

These are its main features:

  • Use YouTube without your data being collected.
  • Subscribe to channels without having an account.
  • Import subscriptions from your account.
  • Store subscriptions and history locally.
  • A similar design to YouTube for a pain-free transition.
  • Get rid of ads with the adblocker.
  • Download videos in a range of formats and quality.
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